Iloilo On The Rise! - Happy Halloween

Iloilo City is rising. The new airport is operational. There is a rumor circling the neighborhood to make the railway system operational again. I can see great progress ahead for Iloilo City after the business-minded mayor handled the city these past few years. The mayor's successor follow on his footsteps.

Iloilo City is located in the center of the Philippines. There is a great possibility the city will become the center of commerce and tourism in the Philippines. Guimaras Island will help the tourism grow for Iloilo City.

With this rise anticipated, many subdivisions were developed these past few years. We have Parc Regency Iloilo which is located in Pavia. Avida Iloilo which is also located in Pavia. 

Many BPO companies invested on Iloilo City. We have call centers like Teletech, Transcom and Callbox. Iloilo has many universities. Iloilo City human resource is one of the main reason why they invest here.

Power becomes stable lately after the opening of the coal power plant.

Let's just be prepared to face the success and the consequences that comes with it.

Iloilo ang banwa ko.


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