Please Respect Real Estate Agents - Happy Halloween

When someone inquires about entries on this website, one of the questions we ask the prospect buyer is if they already have an agent. We tell them that we can no longer be their agent if they already have one. This our company policy. For us, this is a sign of respect to other agents. But, we all know that most real estate agents here in the Iloilo or even in the whole Philippines do not follow this principle. Why? Of course, it involves money. We no longer expect other agents to follow this principle, but, we expect our prospect buyers to be professional when dealing with us. That, if they want us to be their agent, they should stick to us. And if they no longer wants us to be their agent anymore, they should have at least tell us that they no longer need our services, for whatever reason they might have.

One morning of September of 2009, someone name Mrs. A*** called to inquire about a lot in Puerto Real subdivision here in Iloilo because her nephew is looking for one.  As our usual routine, we asked her if she already have an agent and she said NO so we proceed to answer her inquiries. So, we set an appointment with her to see the property but she don't like the area and we suggested to her about some property in Ungka, Iloilo. These propoerties are Westwoods and Green Meadows but she said she don't like Ungka area. So we suggested Metropolis subdivision  and told her that we will give her a list of available lot that could fit her needs and we will just call her if we already had the information. Days have passed before we have made contact with her again about the property in Metropolis subdivision and she replied she already have acquired a property in Green Meadows for the reason that we have not mentioned the said property to her. Okay, let us say that we have not mentioned it to her, but, as a sign of respect, shouldn't she asked us first if we do have properties to sell in Green Meadows? Even for the sake of respect. 

Maybe we are just too naive to expect respect in this kind of business. And maybe next time, we will still give respect but we will not EXPECT respect in return. 


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