Iloilo On The Rise!

Iloilo City is rising. The new airport is operational. There is a rumor circling the neighborhood to make the railway system operational again. I can see great progress ahead for Iloilo City after the business-minded mayor handled the city these past few years. The mayor's successor follow on his footsteps.

Iloilo City is located in the center of the Philippines. There is a great possibility the city will become the center of commerce and tourism in the Philippines. Guimaras Island will help the tourism grow for Iloilo City.

New House Look, New Feature

It has been more than a year since this website was launched. Iloilo house and lot changes its look as it adds more features on this site.

Please Respect Real Estate Agents

When someone inquires about entries on this website, one of the questions we ask the prospect buyer is if they already have an agent. We tell them that we can no longer be their agent if they already have one. This our company policy. For us, this is a sign of respect to other agents. But, we all know that most real estate agents here in the Iloilo or even in the whole Philippines do not follow this principle. Why? Of course, it involves money. We no longer expect other agents to follow this principle, but, we expect our prospect buyers to be professional when dealing with us.

It's a Success!

Iloilo House and Lot website was launched last May of 2009. Four months have passed and, yes, we already have sold properties through this website. This website have gone through many obstacles but we have overcome them. We used to have many entries but most of them lack details and therefore was removed because we don't want our prospect buyers to spend time on entries that are insufficient in details. We also removed over-priced entries because one of main goal of this website is to help the seller sell their properties and most of all help the buyer find their needs.

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